Friday, January 7, 2011

Great News to Start the New Year, Part I

Back in November I entered a contest to win a 144v pack of used lithium batteries from Elite Power Solutions for our upcoming EV Conversion Workshop in July.  There were 3 winners chosen from 39 entries, and I just learned that Bucks County Renewables is one!  The other two winners were a high school EV program in Hawaii and an electric-ATV building company started by 3 juniors from the University of Louisiana.  Yay us! 

While I've been loyal to good old lead-acid on the grounds of price for years, Bob Batson of EVAmerica recently published a terrific life-cycle cost comparison between EV's demonstrating that lithium-ion actually saves you money over its lifetime despite the higher up-front price.  (Plus, of course, there's no maintenance and the car is like a third lighter.)  The batteries we won are used, and won't give us long-term performance -- but that's okay, because they were ABSOLUTELY FREE (EPS is even paying the shipping) and they will give our students the opportunity to get their hands on frankly more current (ha-ha) battery technology for our 3rd workshop.  

There's More News ...

but this is only Part 1 of the post.

And Now the Weekly News-Roundup 

But first: a note.  I really do read through all the links I put up here in the normal way of things, but this week I am presenting a few I didn't even click through on because it was worth it just reading the headlines.  Friends, the news is good everywhere. 
EV History

... The Jamais Contente was like the original White Zombie!  Camille Jenatzy won his first race in front of 57 other participants and was the only one in the top 10 to use an EV.  Thanks for this one, Dan, I loved it.

EV Business News

Let's Keep Thinking About Replacements for the Car

Italy enforces marketing ban on plastic bag

Year-End Roundup, and a Happy New One to Those of You on the Julian! 

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