Thursday, December 23, 2010

EV News Roundup Week of 12/20

This Week's Top 3 EV New Stories in Order of Sexiness:


Everybody knows how I feel about this car.  Also loved Brandon's radical truth-speaking: "... this disruptive technology promises to de-centralize power." Please check out our local boy gone national.
A puff piece, but nice e-bike porn.  Who doesn't like looking at electric motorcycles?

#3 Tesla Motors Will Make $60 Million From Toyota's 2012 Electric RAV4

A puffy economic forecast (illustrated by the fact that though the headline says "make" they really mean "earn revenues").   And no, I do not think the new RAV-4 is sexy (though it was cute back before it blew up like a balloon -- and those original RAV-4 EV's are still going strong, so they were adorable AND had staying power).   No, what's sexy about this news is the fact that Tesla and Toyota have hooked up.  I love it when two of my friends, much to my surprise, get together and become a couple.  The unlikelier the match the better! Also liked the fact that this article emphasizes Tesla's capitalization strategy, which I continue to find strategically imaginative and worthwhile in pursuit of their goal to bring out the White Star. 

 #4 Top EV Story, in a nod to the season -- this one is just for fun, and well-worth checking out:

 The rest of the news round-up for this week:

In the video Fabio is the "face" for gas cars, but irl he seems to be being positioned as the face for EV's (or how else to explain his appearance on Fox News plugging them)?  Oy, can we have more Chelsea Sexton please!

and in more wide-ranging transportation & clean energy news 

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