Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where I'll Be in 2011, & Great News to Start the New Year, Part II

To be completely honest, there's so much news I can hardly keep up.  Whew.

Where I'll Be in 2011

First off the bat, I'll be at the MAREA meeting at Tek Park on Tuesday, January 25 to hear all about the local, green source for lithium-ion batteries: International Battery, located in Allentown, and blog it of course. 

Lehigh Valley Green Drinks is also located in Allentown, and you'll often find BCR and pals mingling there on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month at the locally-owned & sustainably-oriented Allentown Brew Works.  I'll be speaking on Wednesday, May 11 on EV's -- kind of a live version of the "Consumer's Guide" video.  Real short!

Click here for a link to the BCR announcements page and get the scoop on those both events.

On Saturday, March 26 Bill & I will present a mini-workshop at the Green Jobs Academy in Bristol, PA.  We will have the lithium-ion batteries for the summer project on display and hope to have a couple of EV's there for test drives. 

Of course the big turn-out of EV's will be for the 3rd annual EV-ent in Macungie over in Lehigh County on Saturday, April 30, 2011.  I'll once again moderate the owner panel.  We expect to feature more production EV's as well as more converted vehicles than ever!  

Finally, on July 25-30 I'll of course be on-site full-time with Bill at the hands-on EV conversion workshop, at the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology in Jamison PA.

Great News to Start the New Year, Part II 

And that leads me to the second half of the great news -- and there are TWO pieces of news.

March mini-workshop listed in BCCC Continuing Education course guide

This catalog was distributed last week in a county-wide mailing -- just as the summer course will be!   This was such an affirmation that BCR is truly realizing its mission to stimulate EV training in local technical high schools and community colleges.   Holding it in my hands made it real  for me how far this project has come in 4 short years and I had to dance around the kitchen with it for a while when it came in the mail.

You must keep in mind that for the last two workshops I've designed, printed & mailed out flyers to all the technical high schools in the county, and handled all the registration.  So I am also celebrating with this linkage gaining a lot more time to focus on planning the workshops themselves!  Thank you, Green Jobs Academy!

If you click on p 21 up there you will see that I am listed as the course teacher.  (They even spelled my name right.)  This was gratifying, but completely not true -- of course it will be a team effort as usual by Bucks County Renewables and all the EV friends we can recruit to help spread the word.

BH Conversions on BCR Team

I am thrilled to announce that Brandon Hollinger -- one of the EV friends I've been fortunate enough to make during the course of our several years showing our vehicles together -- has agreed to officially join the team effort for the July hands-on workshop.  Design & fabrication of the conversion kit for our instructional vehicle will be done by BH Conversions, the EVA shop Brandon has started in Lancaster, PA.

If you haven't seen the quality of Brandon's work on his Saab in person, then click on over to his terrific website and check out his conversions past and present -- you will see why this agreement is great news for Bucks County Renewables and for our students!  

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