What's This Blog All About, Part II

The very first post on this blog was entitled "What's This Blog All About?   It went up in July, 2007, but still gets regular hits as present-day readers try to figure out, um, so what's this blog all about?  Obviously it has evolved far beyond its original intention to document the 2007 conversion workshop.  And many readers want to know what the current status of the e-Van is!  As of the end of May, 2011 it is certainly time to re-describe the blog -- and, of course, the cars.


Since the triumphant conclusion of the 2007 workshop I have chronicled the follow-up 2009 workshop and various further adventures of the e-Vanagon, as well as a variety of content pertaining to the behind-the-scenes activities at Bucks County Renewables, the nonprofit I founded in 2006 to promote EV's.  I cover local (Eastern/Central PA & NJ) EV-related events I attend & report on the occasional field trip.   I also post and comment on the weekly EEVC web news round-up furnished by Dan Monroe, who regularly scouts up links to a variety of topics related to electric vehicles past and present, current EV-related business news, alternative energy developments & politics, plus technologies on the horizon.  All the material posted on this blog is fiercely curated by me for positivity, educational value, and relevance to my opinions, hence personal interest; the occasional foray into what may seem like slightly off-topic material is always abstractly related.  Plus, there are a lot of pictures of cars.


1991 Dodge Colt EV

professionally converted when brand-new in 1991
bought used in April, 2006

showcased in 2007 @
Sierra Club Climate Change Action Rally - Doylestown, PA
Bucks County Audubon Wildlife Society Day, Honey Hollow Environmental Education Center - New Hope PA

original configuration:  96v (8x12v Deka deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, 8" Advanced DC motor)

currently: neglected & without batteries; motor still runs

FOR SALE:  restoration possible or salvageable for EV components.  Nice pre-painted body!  Fundraiser for our Mazda conversion this summer!  Make an offer!  

1985 Volkwagen Vanagon EV

expired as internal combustion vehicle in 2006 details here

showcased at 
RiverFest, Frenchtown NJ 2007
Pennsylvania Energy Fest, Kempton PA 2008, 2010
EV-ent, Macungie PA 2009, 2010, 2011

original configuration: 120v 20x6v lead-acid flooded US Batteries
upgrade 2009: 144v 24x6v lead-acid flooded US Batteries, Zivan charger
upgrade 2011: rebuilt Curtis Controller

currently: rolling though primarily used for shows
1990 Mazda Miata - Going Electric Summer 2011

bought as ICE vehicle February, 2011
de-fossilized by automotive technology students at North Montco Technical Career Center, May, 2011
to be converted at 6-day hands-on conversion workshop  July 25-30, 2011
at the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Jamison PA

If you are looking to build your own EV, you are not going to find a how-to technical guide here (though you will learn a ton about the process if you take one of Bucks County Renewables' workshops or seminars).   There are many such resources on the web,  as well as a few other hands-on workshops like ours around the country.  Your local EAA (Electric Auto Association) chapter is also an important resource for your build.

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