Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EV Conversion Workshops on the West Coast This Spring - and Online Resources

NEWS FLASH:  NJEAA meeting 1/18/11 cancelled owing to weather - no Plug-in Prius @ the Rockaway mall tonight

It was a note from a correspondent in Brazil that let me know that Abrán Quevedo has scheduled workshops for this spring -- isn't the internet wonderful?  André will be attending the 5-day workshop in San Diego and will have the good fortune of meeting Abrán in person, which I have never done -- but I acknowledge him as the spiritual father of our East Coast workshops, and very much appreciate his free sharing of ideas and encouraging support in spreading the good EV word.

Abran Quevedo's Kick Gas Co-op

5 Day Workshop - April 18-22 2011
Plus mini-workshops the first Saturday of each month!
in San Diego CA

Click on the flyer thumbnails for details.

Electric Autoshop Onsite Courses
click here for spring 2011 schedule
in Sebastopol CA

Electric Autoshop also has an interesting model for a kind of turn-key EV course to convert a Chevy S-10 at your own location.  They lease their full curriculum plus a conversion kit for $18,000.  See the details by clicking on the logo above.  I have no experience with their program, but the online documentation of it looks very thorough!

Online Forums for posting queries and reading a wealth of other experiences:

Ecomodder does not focus on EV's alone, but clicking on the image below will bring you to their starter EV page.

And DIYElectricCar speaks for itself!  Click on the image below to visit!

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