Friday, January 28, 2011

Gregg Witmer EEVC Member of the Year, and EV News Roundup Week of 1/24

Congratulations to Gregg Witmer, the Eastern Electric Vehicle Club's Member of the Year for 2010!  Gregg's meticulous & informative documentation (both photo & video) of his Saturn conversion are available online at

Gregg lives in Mechanicsburg, PA and routinely drives over 100 miles each way to attend EEVC meetings.  I cheered when I opened my January newsletter to find that this friendly, gentle, and extraordinarily dedicated EV advocate had been honored for his contributions to the club and to the cause.  Looking forward to seeing Gregg again at the 21st Century Automotive Challenge in State College -- dates now confirmed, May 20-22 2011! 

EV Tech

Market News & Forecasts

Chevy Volt to be the cover story in the Jan 30 Washington Post Sunday Magazine already posted online, it's a very entertaining (& positive) review

Battery/Motor Technology & Development

Hybrids & other AFV's

& in wider-ranging alternative energy news

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