Saturday, February 28, 2009


Folks, it is a hectic but fun time in e-Van land. First of all, we're working on an exciting new hopefully-annual, hopefully-regional EV-ent in Macungie, PA (a place-name so nice, I like to say it twice: Ma-cunj-ie). Macungie meant either "bear swamp" or "place where bears eat" in Lenape and we have a terrific venue at Macungie Memorial Park on Sunday, May 3, 2009. There will be EV's on display and an owner panel and Q&A session. It's going to be great -- I hope you can join us, and if you're an EV owner and would like to participate, please download a registration form and get on board! Lunch is included for all exhibitors!

Click here or on the image above for details on the May 3 EV-ent in Macungie, PA

But -- in the immortal words of Ron Popeil -- that's not all!

I am pleased to announce that, with assistance from a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Environmental Education Grants Program, Bucks County Renewables has officially opened registration to our June, 2009 workshop in Lansdale, PA. This hands-on, five-day EV conversion experience is open to teachers, environmentalists and EV enthusiasts. High school students are welcome accompanied by a teacher or parent. Maximum class size 20, please get your registration in early.

Click here for details on the June 2009 EV Conversion Workshop.

If you can't join us and you know of someone who might be interested -- please send them to or this blog!

Every converted EV out there helps bring the word about cost-effective, home-brewed EV conversions to the many folks who are already equipped to turn their fossil fuel burners into clean, quiet, local transportation that is still fun to drive, as well as to those who might pay a buck to someone else to do it for them. Working auto mechanics, take note!

Viva the green jobs alternative!