Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Man! Check out the Finished E-Van!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Gleaming, glossy and oh-so-eyecatching ... check out the detailing on the wheel hubs, the white roof AND

BCR's signature lightning bolt on the back window.  Bob Hunter really outdid himself.  I'm gonna have to pay some serious attention to the interior now to bring it up to the standards of this incredible paint job.

Once the snow from our latest East Coast blizzard clears, we'll be towing the van over to Bill's house to install the last of the battery enclosures.  We also need to tow the Colt to NJ so it can be prepped for the upcoming workshop during the last couple weeks of February.  So BCR will have EV's all over the place shortly -- fortunately with the batteries out the Colt is lightweight enough to pop onto a trailer and move ourselves.  Won't it be great when we have all 8 of our EV wheels rolling under their own motive power?!?!  I can't wait!