Monday, June 7, 2010

History of EV's Graphic

Click through on the above to see an amazing graphic sent to me by Dan Reed, the Vanagon super-hero who  did all the e-Van's dashboard wiring in the first EV Conversion Workshop -- what a gorgeous rendition of electric vehicle history. 

As I was telling practically everybody at the 21st Century Automotive Challenge, this is a really exciting time to be active in the EV world.  For heaven's sake -- when we organizers put on the first May 1 EVent in 2009, all we had on display were homebrewed, converted vehicles -- just like at the 2009 21st CAC.  The Tesla and mini-E that competed in the Autocross this year right now weren't even in their owners (or lessors') hands yet in May 2009!  And by this time next year, we should be able to showcase -- in addition to luxury two-seater models -- a couple of different mid-sized, mid-priced production EV's.  What a difference a few years makes!

Did you miss the price of gas over the years running down the right-hand side of the above graphic?  Just to drive the point home had to share a shot from Alan Arrison's Green Rabbit display board at the 21st Century Automotive Challenge -- tee hee.