Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OK Want to See Some Godlike EV Conversion Video Right Here Right Now?

Wow ow wow so we break the hiatus for a little bit just to hook you all up with what is going down with our friends over at Amp Revolt.  This filmic snippet goes out in particular to the subset of participants in BCR workshops over the years who plaintively expressed the wish that they could have been around for the "de-fossilizing" of the vehicle (= removal of internal combustion engine, exhaust system & all those freaking fluids).

You asked -- we give you the process.  Watch and enjoy; send your kudos to Brandon Hollinger for the videography & awesome soundtrack. We at Bucks County Renewables heartily endorse the central instructive message of this video, which is that teamwork rules.  At every point in your build, having a buddy will make a difference.  Together we're godlike, dudes!