Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Electric Sociability, Now That's What I'm Talking About

Mon, May 27, 2013       11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Electric Sociability Run in Washington, DC

Join members of EVA/DC and MD Volt to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Washington, DC's first Electric Sociability Run when 54 electric cars gathered in Rock Creek Park in 1914.

The event will be held on Memorial Day, May 27, 2013.

We will commemorate this historic occasion by driving our electric vehicles to the same destination as the original gathering nearly a century ago. As with that event, there will be a picnic, various contests and prizes.  The plug-in car rally planned for Memorial Day may be the biggest gathering of electric vehicle owners in Washington, DC since 1914.

You must RSVP at MDVOLT.org, a limited number of spots are available.  To learn more, visit www.pluginrally.org.

Event Location

Beach Dr NW & Joyce Rd NW
Washington, DC 20011

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Also - awesome news from Plug In America about increasing commercial plug-in sales since the Leaf & Volt became available in late 2010.  Read their latest newsletter and terrific blog features here

Thursday, April 11, 2013

EV-ents April 27 - May 16-19 - Sept 20-22 - Sept 28

2013 comes into focus!  

Coming up in real-time, folks:


The Westport Electric Car Club announces the first-ever Electric Car Rally in Connecticut, a 40-mile event and education on Saturday, April 27th.  Entrants must be “plug in” cars, partial or fully electric.  An estimated 20 unique cars will showcase to the public and display at Earth Day Events  in Westport and Fairfield. The public is invited for a Free event, to meet owners and local dealers including solar home options;  with 1pm-3pm public viewing and general education.

President Leo Cirino says, “ This is an exciting and timely event for the revolution of electric cars In America. Electric cars get very little attention in this region of the country, yet Westport is a leading community in the state and nation.  We invite the public to see and understand the variety of long-range electric alternative vehicles”.

Rally begins 9am at the Eastbound Saugatuck Train Station.  EV Cars will follow a Time-Speed-Distance Rally, with a public  “Pit Stop” at 11:30-12 noon at the Fairfield Earth Day Celebration held annually at Ward High School.  The Rally concludes near 1pm at the Saugatuck station where the public is invited 1-3pm.  Adam Lubarsky, owner of the Blu Parrot has offered free sliders and free music.  A family event for all ages, all are welcome to see electric cars and meet dealers.

Steve Smith, Town Building Inspector states, “The Road Rally is our way of being proactive in showing that electric cars are real, practical and can make a difference in energy resource sustainability.  This follows our April launch of solar-paneled train station charging stations;  attended by Governor Malloy and local citizens.”

Rally vehicles include Tesla Model S (Car of the Year 2013), Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Fisker Karma, Mitsubishi's i-MiEV, Smart Car EVs and more.  And… first electric cars in America will rally:  1907 Columbia built in Hartford CT and 1910 Broc Electric Car, courtesy of Dragone Classic Motorcars of Westport.

To register a car: contact jshuck at optonline.net

For general information:  www.westportelectriccarclub.com

Business contact for sponsorships:

Stephanie Weiner, New England Smart Energy Group
cell: 203-722-5386
stephaniew at ne-smartenergy.com 

Other Club Contacts:
Remy Chevalier  203-227-2065    remyc at prodigy.net
Leo Cirino, President Westport Electric Car Club    lcirino at snet.net 203-226-0034
Barry Kresch, Marketing & Education                 evs at westportelectriccarclub.com


Registration is OPEN!!!

Registration Forms and latest information on 21st CAC 2013 available here

What’s new for the 21st CAC in 2013:
  • Technical Testing May 16 and 17 to be held at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
  • Saturday Charging/Display at the MorningStar Solar Home open to public 10 am-4 pm
  • Press Display Event and Preliminary Awards Sunday 1 pm – 3 pm
  • (Tentative) EEVC Awards Ceremony at their June 12 regular meeting

RSVP now to jbelak at paelectrics.com to qualify for $70/night accommodations at the Days Inn Somerset 10 miles from Seven Springs.  Bring your EV and help thousands of people get the plug-in driving word at this very well-attended Earth Fair.  I told Jon I'd come speak, stay tuned!


Hurray!  I got put in charge of organizing an entire Green Transportation segment of our 2nd annual local Green Fair, so now I am the Phil Jones of Frenchtown!  Hello all EV and other alt-fuel-vehicle drivers within range of charming Frenchtown NJ, please join us to put your car on display AND share your gift of gab if you'd like to be part of the educational programming.  I'm so excited about this I almost said no to the Mother Earth News Fair, but then I realized, it will all be arranged by then and I gotta get to Western PA that weekend, because frankly, I've been missing the EV stuff while totally preoccupied with other aspects of my life!  I have a conflict with the 21st Century Automotive Challenge and hey, if you read all the way down to the bottom you're probably wondering "What the heck ever happened to the Macungie EV picnic, wasn't that supposed to happen in 2013 too and doesn't it normally occur, like, in the spring?