Friday, August 30, 2013

You Want This Shirt

Yes you do, you want to wear this shirt, and you can only order it until Sept 2 so you had better hurry.  It's only $20 and it's SO EASY you just click on
and in a jiffy you will have ordered that shirt you want to wear.  

If you totally can't handle online transactions, you can even email and she will order your shirt for you, that is what I call GREAT SERVICE but you have to do it soon if you want this shirt because after Sept 2 there are NO MORE. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EVents in September - Come One, Come All!

Here's where we'll be on 2 consecutive weekends in September!  Talking about EV's of course.

Seven Springs PA | Seven Springs Mountain Resort | Sept. 20-22

777 Waterwheel Drive
Seven Springs, Pa. 15622

Friday Fair hours: 12:00 PM-7:00 PM
Saturday Fair hours: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sunday Fair hours: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Seven Springs PA is a full-service resort surrounded by hotels and campgrounds, located about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh.   The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR has run at this venue for several years.  It's a fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle event featuring workshops & vendors in the following categories:
  • Renewable energy
  • Small-scale agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Green building 
  • Organic food and drink
  • Books and magazines
  • Tools and seeds
  • Clothing and more
Also there will be an EV display, inexplicably not featured on their website :-(  Let's show 'em folks.

Hello, it costs money to attend this event -- but it is FREE if you are bringing an EV so if you are even remotely tempted (and I know you are because there are cars coming from as far away as Washington DC and Indianapolis), please please help out our indefatigable organizer Jon Belak and sign up here.  If the link breaks or for some reason you like to talk to people instead of fill out web forms, give him a call at 724-387-8210 or if email is your favorite get in touch this way:

Read more about the fair here

Got a conflict that weekend?  Never fear -- the following Saturday on the banks of the Delaware River is another opportunity to showcase your vehicle, mingle with fellow drivers, and talk to the public at the 2nd annual

Cool little fair + funky river town + Mike McGrath (of NPR's You Bet Your Garden) on composting + Christine Waltermyer (founder of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School) on decadent rice-based desserts + Maya Rossum (of the Delaware Riverkeeper) on fracking's local effects + an alt-fuel display = AWESOME

All of the above + you = AWESOME+

All of the above + you + your alt-fuel vehicle = SO AWESOME  I will award as many +'s as we have vehicles on display, so quick drop me an email right now if you are even tempted, and I know you are.  Very soon the Fair's Fearless Leaders Sarah & Holly will be asking me how much space on the field we need and it would be (you guessed it) AWESOME++ if you, personally, let me know asap if you just might bring a car/tractor/truck/scooter/motor-assisted bicycle, conversion or production, doesn't matter as long as it uses ALTERNATIVE, ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND FUEL.  

This will be a fun day, and it's totally FREE so tell everyone you know about it!  We at Bucks County Renewables are extremely fond of EV-ents that are within actual EV range so anyone who was SAD LIKE ME that the promised 2013 EV-ent in Macungie never materialized, come on out and make a day of it in Frenchtown NJ.  I will most certainly take you out for dinner afterwards, if you plan to drink inadvisably check whether there are any rooms left at my fave, the National Hotel, or hit the website for links to other local lodgings.


Pre-order a t-shirt for the 2013 East Coast Electric Vehicle Round Up

Order your shirt for this year's East Coast Electric Vehicle Round Up so you can dress in style at the Mother Earth News Fair ... or have it mailed to you if you can't attend. The shirt costs $20 and range in size from Small to 4XL.  Your purchase will help defray costs for our indefatigable organizer Jon Belak, so call him at 724-387-8210 to make arrangements to get the merch and support this new EV outing. You can also email shipping requests to

EV clubs & individuals -- buy this shirt, wear this shirt, see if someone new asks you about EV's!  If you can't come to either of these events, and I know you want to in the worst way, you should definitely lay $20 down to assuage your guilt.