What It's All About - 2012

Bucks County Renewables was parked in January 2012 so that I could attend to the growth of my little Montessori school.  I've mostly enjoyed retirement, with some twinges.

I continued to post occasionally, though you will see frequent unmet topical promises for posts to come, and even more suspiciously, repetition of events from one post to another, as if your faithfully but unpredictably erupting fount of e-Van news & EV-related blather had perhaps not even bothered to check previous entries before posting some wild post-midnight flurry of an update (or re-update).  Alas, that's what happens when blogging becomes irregular. 

Also notable in Blog MMXII: hardly any photographs.  Turns out breaking up with my old camera was a bad idea, as I never really hit it off with my new one.

Long-promised Update on the Miata:  Once I finally wrapped up the PA retitling process in July, we had a running, street-legal EV.  For those of you who need to retitle a converted EV as a modified vehicle, it is not that complicated -- but I advise you to find a tag person who has done it before and avoid some confusing run around! 

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