Saturday, June 11, 2011

Illuminati Motor Works

That is one classy team over at Illuminati Motor Works as illustrated by this comment on my last post: 

Brandon's project car is beautiful, and it's the one I would have voted for if my Gremlin wasn't a finalist. Good luck, Brandon, and great choice of cars!

- Jen Danzinger, Illuminati Motor Works

Man I could not bury a nice little note like that in the little-used comment section.   Now I can seize the opportunity to post the contest photo of Jen's Gremlin, which I really wanted to do anyway because people the Gremlin not only has a great name, it was the irresistibly brash early '70s AMC subcompact that beat Ford & GM to the market in response to higher gas prices: an efficient little vehicle whose iconic design somehow achieved both sexy & cute.  Jen's particular car is en déshabillé so it is extra-both!

I knew these Illuminati Motor Works folks must be smart, cool people based on their most excellent name & the mere fact of having a Latin motto, but now I have internet proof because if you click on their logo below you will get to read a very entertaining account of their 216-mile-on-one-charge trip in X-Prize vehicle "Seven."  

This practically just happened (June 3) and they just happened to be taking "Seven"  down to meet Jack Rickard in Cape Girardieu, Missouri so he could confess on camera that he originally characterized ït as "the ugliest electric vehicle on the planet ... but actually it starts to grow on you."  You can read about their visit & see the EVTV episode here.

 I like Jack's writing because it is long-form (um like mine).  If you have a short attention span don't apply!  But here's a typically flavorful teaser:  "It's what EVTV is about - let's just go to the garage and build one and to hell with a bunch of Arabs, Oil Companies, and GM executives."

Miata update AND EV news round-up coming soon oh boy stay tuned ... 

Another kind of gremlin

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