Sunday, June 19, 2011


Look my friends, if any of you have been reading this blog or getting my email announcements* thinking, "Man I would love to sign up for that fun-sounding EV installation course but do I really want to spend 6 days of my summer vacation sweating in a hot workshop," then maybe you should go register RIGHT AWAY because when word gets out that we will be performing the Miata class & installation in this beautiful lab w/access to top-notch equipment, I should think the remaining spaces will fill rapidly.

In fact, facilities manager Rich Hansen declares that this is "the coolest room in the building in the summer." The beads of sweat mostly don't show in the pix of the 2007 and 2009 workshops but let me tell our work space was obviously competing in the "hottest room on the planet in the summer" category. Air conditioning will be a welcome upgrade!

There will be classes going on so the rest of the school will be busy (and cooled) as well -- but we won't have to enter through MBIT's front door and walk all the way back to that gorgeous lab if you choose to join us at July's class at the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology!   (2740 Old York Road Jamison, PA 18929 for mapping or click here for written directions from various PA locations)

Nope, instead of coming through this front door there is parking right behind the auto bay and we will be entering & leaving directly through the classroom. Man, this is one EV conversion workshop that is being held in the lap of luxury.

Saint Bill and I had a wonderful visit to MBIT on Wednesday -- everybody there is really nice!  Now I am about to leave for Lancaster with the drive train & transmission of the Miata in the back of my Highlander Hybrid and officially launch the next phase of our project -- yippee! Photos of Red Hot on the skewer up next!

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Avery Simek said...

It's a good thing this auto-lab has an air conditioning system. This can attract more students to have their summer auto workshops here. Spending your summer in a cool way while doing something you're passionate about is just great. Just don't sleep during workshops! :)