Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here's a Shocker: BCR Endorses Brandon Hollinger in EVTV Competition

Oh my gosh folks LOOK our very own Brandon Hollinger of BH Electrics and the EEVC is one of the finalists in Jack Rickard's gigantic, fantastic EVTV Dream Build Giveaway contest!  A complete set of top-of-the-line EV components (worth $20,000) will go to the winner -- the 10 finalists were selected by the various component sponsors out of nearly a thousand folks who submitted descriptions of their dream conversions.

Now the decision is up to online voters, so hey everybody -- read about Brandon's plans for this beautifully restored 1972 Austin FX4 British taxi and click on the VOTE FOR THIS FINALIST link at the top of the page to cast your vote in his support!

Then you can read the rest of the contest entries and Jack Rickard's exciting sum-up of the competition ;-)
Well, anyway, that's the order in which I proceeded.  In the end I would still have voted for the Austin Taxi because a beautiful EV taxi doing regular tourist rounds on the streets of historic Lancaster PA is, indeed a dream way to promote electric vehicles and a great idea!

The only entry that would even have tempted me were Brandon not my pal & professional ally was the Gremlin conversion (ooooooh I do like Gremlins) proposed by the Illuminati Motor Works, the astonishing team that took a homemade EV to the finals of the X Prize and came in 2nd against much more well-funded & professional entries.  They have a great name plus a Latin motto but hey, the 7-seater classic taxi project ultimately wins on coolness.  And anyone who saw Brandon's work on the Miata at the EV-ent in Macungie in April knows that he is a meticulous designer and will do a beautiful build.

So take it from us here at Bucks County Renewables, this is the best project in the contest -- we recommend you go vote for Brandon Hollinger and the Austin taxi conversion right now if you haven't already, it only takes a minute!

Okay, here is the scoop on the rest of the contest and now you should probably go browse Jack Rickard's blog for a while if you haven't already because he is hilarious and knows approximately 10 million times more about converting EV's than I do.

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Jen Danzinger said...

Brandon's project car is beautiful, and it's the one I would have voted for if my Gremlin wasn't a finalist. Good luck, Brandon, and great choice of cars!
-Jen Danzinger, Illuminati Motor Works