Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BH Electrics Breaks Nationally! Plus EV News Roundup Week of 6/6

Undisputed EV News Highlight 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is pretty gratifying when over the weekend you deliver one red-hot, pre-prepped Miata to your professional ally & personal pal Brandon Hollinger's garage because you have hired him to develop the conversion kit for this upcoming workshop, and then on Monday morning he is featured on the freaking front page of Time's website under the headline "Turning Old Gas Guzzlers into Electric Vehicles" and your kids are all like, "Hey!  We just saw that beautiful Saab!  Hey Mom, we didn't know that friend of yours was famous!" etc.  We are all covered with reflected glory here at Bucks County Renewables, thank you very much -- and congratulations to official media darling Brandon Hollinger, don't forget to vote for his gorgeous Austin taxi project here in the EVTV contest!

Second Best

10 Fun Facts About Electric Cars  This is an excellent round-up on Practical Environmentalist, well worth sending to anybody who is just waking up and thinking about how convenient and cheap (see below) an EV might be to run.  The link came from the Green Register newsletter sent me by Rich Hansen of MBIT, where we'll be converting the Miata this summer. Pix of the auto lab coming to the blog after our meeting there Wednesday -- oh boy I am excited!

Is the Electric Car Finally Here?  Steven Cohen of Columbia University's Earth Institute gives a cogent argument for on Huffington Post.  Key takeaway statistics: comparing the cost of 100 miles of driving Nissan's electric Leaf to the conventional Altima,  the Leaf cost $2.64 for fuel versus $14.25 for the Altima, and its power needs generated 63.6 pounds of greenhouse gases compared to 90.5.   Don't pay attention to the mantra about consumers not wanting electric vehicles, I know lots of potential Leaf drivers here in PA and they are just wanting and waiting.  

That same newsletter also linked to this food-for thought article originally published at The Good Human  (a blog with an excellent name): Oil Companies Profit While You Foot the Bill.  Read it if you want to get a little fired up about the corporate tax structure that exploits our gasoline addiction and makes the rich richer.  Yeesh.  

Other EV News 

Ford to Triple Electric Vehicle Production, Add Green Jobs  Thanks to Chris Gillespie of the Green Jobs academy for this link!  

How Car Companies and Rental Agencies are Creating 'Carsharing 2.0'  Remember that fantastic bike-sharing program in Paris, France called Velib' & mentioned here back in March?  Those guys are back with Autolib' "le projet" and you can check out GreenBiz's report on their EV share program or go straight to the sexy French version this is very cool folks.  

Tesla Shows New Version of Model S, Will Raise $234M for Model X ditto

MotoCzysz 2011 E1pc stands out from the TT Zero crowd, goes faster [w/VIDEO] Yay for electric motorcycle races.  From Autobloggreen.  

Batteries, Charging & Infrastructure

Nissan Spends $3.5 Billion On Solar EV Chargers In Tennessee from Crisp Green, which is also a pretty great name for a blog

Ireland charges ahead with electric vehicle infrastructure from British site The Engineer

Recargo App Maps 1,000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Dan Monroe reports: this is primarily an iPhone app. However unlike some other sites you can search & add charge locations without owning an Apple product. I’ve added the outlets at my house. Will you add yours? ~ D

Hybrid News

Solar Charging at GE with Toyota Plug-in Prius   Prius Plug-in review from consumersearch

EV's are not the only solution to our transportation problems

Father And Son Take Cross-Country "EcoTour" On The Power Of One Light Bulb (from NY1, on another electric-assisted bike w/trailer)

In wider-ranging alternative energy news & policy

GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax hike from CNN Money

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