Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1 Ev-ent oh wow

Okay I know this is last-minute but we have TWO! Teslas, a mini-E and a bangin' line-up of converted EV's, including the e-Van which, in keeping with its spritely spirit, kept us dancing in agony till the last minute.  Will the batteries charge?  Yes, after charger and back-up charger failed and Saint Bill had to charge the 144v pack two at a time with two 12v chargers.  Will the tow materialize?  Yes, it did after a last-minute scramble for back-up and then back-up of the back-up. 

I am so excited that the e-Van will be rolling out tomorrow. Saint Bil's done an incredible amount of work on it and I can't wait to show off the Amazing Things That Can Be Done With Lexan and a Table Saw.  

Really, this is why I started Bucks County Renewables: so I could hang out on a gorgeous May Day checking out a whole range of EV's from conversion to production, all on the road right now, hanging with the incredible crowd of thinkers, makers and doers that I've gotten to meet in the last four years.  And for once ... I don't have to take the photographs.  Looking forward to sharing Anna Digate's record with you: thanks to her, Don & Bob Young and Val Bertoia we have a really great show coming up tomorrow.  I'm so excited about it I'm posting instead of going to sleep, but now, to bed with me because I have to make an early start!

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