Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow Doesn't Even Begin To Express It

May 1 EV-ent was a blast from start to finish.  YES!  You can see photo and videos on the May 1 EVent website (and be sure to check out our brag page for compliments from participants!).  In the video of the EV Parade you will see the e-Van, against all odds, rolling ... but even that moment couldn't compare to the one where she arrived triumphantly on the rollback, last-minute tow anxieties notwithstanding.

O what a beautiful sight in the morning.  The rest of the day was just cake and gravy.

Before I go (remember, if you didn't already you were going to go watch the fabulous videos Linda Swynerski of Four Magic Acres shot and shared that're up on the May 1 EVent website) I must give a shout-out to recent developments in the local alternative fuel movement. My local CSA, Blooming Glen Farm, will henceforth be fueling its farm tractor with waste veggie oil from Bucks County Freedom Fuel.  Yes -- now my produce will be fossil-fuel free!

As Farmer Tricia writes in their wonderful newsletter The Blooming Glen Beet
Business partners Andy Rumbold and John Morano have been good friends for years. Early in 2008 they learned about making biodiesel from used cooking oil. They started learning about the process, made small batches and today they are processing about 200 gallons per week, turning what was a restaurant waste product into an alternative fuel! They are Bucks County Freedom Fuel and they collect used vegetable oil from dozens of restaurants in Doylestown and Perkasie and the surrounding communities. Participating establishments are listed on their website and they're always looking for more.
According to Andy Rumbold, "John and I originally started making biodiesel in 2008 for economic reasons like many others who have since abandoned it. We are proud that we are providing fuel for our own homes and vehicles and that we can share excess with the community. No war, no drilling, and no spilling required for our biodegradable and sustainable fuel."
As the ruptured oil well in the Gulf continues to pour oil and devastation into the ocean, here at Blooming Glen Farm we are happy to make the switch to a more sustainable way of fueling our tractor, one we can feel great about.
I've already written to the Freedom Fuel folks expressing the hope that we can join forces here in Bucks County to help promote a variety of fossil fuel alternatives that can meet the needs of both commuters and farmers right here in our community!

I know you didn't forget to check out that May 1 EV-ent website, stay tuned for news of the e-Van as we race to prepare for the 21st Century Automotive Challenge at Penn State in two short weeks!

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