Monday, April 26, 2010

May 1 EV-ent and Junior Solar Sprint Coming Up!

With the May 1 EV-ent around the corner we have a line-up of vehicles confirmed that ranges from an electric go-kart to a converted electric riding lawnmower, two Ford Rangers and two early-90's compact cars, a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon, and a 2001 Insight (formerly a hybrid, now fully-electric and charged with solar).  And just today I learned to my pleasure that we will welcome the Heat Shed's mini-E!  Who-hoo!  Not to blab about what's going on behind the scenes, but we're lobbying hard for a certain electric sports car to round out a terrific show of both d-i-y and production EV's that are actually out on the roads today.  Next year we foresee capping off this series of displays in Macungie with one featuring a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Volt, showing how fast and far we've come in the EV world in just three years.

So don't put it off, this three-year arc  is a project in watching history happening!  Come out this Saturday and see the cars, soak up the assembled knowledge of the owners and operators who are there to share their experiences and their excitement over driving the quiet zero-emissions vehicles that will move the U.S. away from dependence on foreign fossil fuel.  The infrastructure is here today, and so are the cars of the future. 

Okay, you can see I am a little excited (I should have put that last paragraph into our press release)!  Everyone on our little ad hoc committee has been working hard to put on a great show, and (not to omit an e-Van update) Saint Bill has mounted the vent fans and tubes for outgassing during charging, and most of that wiring is done!   I know he wants the whole set-up to go on automatically when the charger gets turned on, which will doubtless mean more problem-solving at the last-minute -- we'll see what happens between now and Saturday!

Before I go back to getting various last-minute pre-EV-ent things attended to, I want to plug this upcoming occasion -- the Junior Solar Sprint in Philadelphia on May 22.  Click on the graphic to enlarge the flyer.  Joe Bruno, coordinator of the event, is recruiting judges for the Technical Merit & Most Outstanding Vehicle awards, and there is also space available for display of vehicles, so get in touch with him if you want to volunteer or to showcase a car!  

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