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Wow That Was a Lot of EV Talks in One Month, & EV News Roundup Week of 6/24

No commentary this week either darn it folks, but the great news is that a great deal of what has been keeping me so extra-busy lately has been talking about EV's all over the place!  This was me in June and July:

"The History & Advantages of Electric Vehicles"
Thursday, June 8 @ 6:30

"Fed Up With the Pump? Discover the Plug-In!"
Tuesday, June 21,  7-9 pm
with BH Electrics & others
Wayne Conservation District Office
Honesdale PA

"Join the Plug-in Revolution" & "EV Conversion 101" 
Thursday, June 30 2-4 pm
DeSales University
Center Valley PA

and coming up this week:

"Join the Plug-in Revolution"
Friday, July 8 @ 11:15 a.m.
Liberty Place   Philadelphia PA

Holy cow, right?  Four speaking engagements in the space of 4 1/2 weeks, and for traveling up to Honesdale I actually got paid!  Which was almost ridiculous because my overnight accommodations were like a luxury vacation:  welcomed by two SEEDS members into their lovely solar-powered guest cabin, drinking delicious Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPAs, getting to watch fireflies and a thunderstorm and sleep out on a screen porch on a lovely June night in the Poconos, then waking for an early-morning tour of their little geodesic greenhouse which was super-interesting.  Its compact interior featured a 1,000-gallon self-sustaining pond that serves as a heat sink, cooling the plants in summer & helping keep the ambient air above freezing in the winter.  They harvested salad greens all year long with temperatures as low as 19 degrees below zero outside!   After our tour we got to sip delicious coffee & eat hot blueberry muffins on our hosts' deck (they sleep outside year round that is how cool they are) while numerous rose-breasted grosbeaks frolicked on the birdfeeders beside us.  

So yeah my visit to Honesdale to participate in a public forum on EV's was one sweet experience, plus I haven't even mentioned the tasty Mexican dinner courtesy of SEEDS and the wonderfully warm & interested crowd of folks at the forum itself.   It beats out Green Drinks for a fabulous all-round speaking experience -- and here I thought nothing could ever top getting to give a talk with a beer in one hand and a clicker in the other!

So that is what I've been up to, whew!   I also paid a visit to the Miata in Lancaster and officially helped kick off preparations for our July workshop.  I had better hurry up and post that already-out-of-date update but at least today I have last week's EV news roundup for you!  Little by little we at Bucks County Renewables are catching up.

But Before the EV News Roundup, a Brief Digression on Independence

As I have said at every talk I've given, EV's are synergistic with renewables, so I wanted to share the news about this upcoming solar PV installation workshop in the area sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association. The workshop will focus on residential installations.  No previous experience with photovoltaic or technical background is needed; all skill levels can be accommodated by the instructors.  The work being done by grass-roots renewable energy education groups like SEEDS in Wayne County and the MAREA in Berks is slowly and unstoppably transforming our rural landscapes--equipping homeowners, one by one, with the skills to declare themselves energy independent. 

I hope you will celebrate Independence Day by doing something to free yourself from fossil fuels: if not inclined to sign up for that MAREA PV class or (ahem) a really fun workshop where you get to convert a Mazda Miata into an EV, why not purchase green electricity, commit to buying that hybrid, or chuck your gas-powered mower for an electric one?  I'm sure you can think of a way to make your own Declaration of Energy Independence.  

Local (Philadelphia) EV-ent July 13!

Wednesday, July 13 9a-2p: "Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure: The Future of Transportation".  A stakeholder meeting sponsored by Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities, check it out.

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