Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Workshop - Day One, July 25

Oh boy oh boy oh boy the workshop has started and we have a great class of 10 who are already beginning to click together as a group. Broke our previous distance-traveled-by-a-student record (JJ from Florida in 2009) when we learned that current participant Ben hails from Albuquerque NM! I'm looking forward to introducing all the students in a later post but for now, just shots and impressions from Opening Day:

Miata up on the lift for the first time. 

Desk interlude: preliminary paperwork, introductions, & a slideshow introduction to the process of EV conversion kept folks in their seats for most of the morning, but after that we had a lot of time up and around the Miata and the e-Van,

in which Bill had brought the Miata's Warp 9 motor!  
So exciting that he is using the e-Van as transport & commuting to the workshop location!  

The class gathers around the clutch/adaptor disk assembly

for an overview of the measurements & process by which the clutchless transmission is created.

The motor will mount to the transmission bell-housing shown here.

Next the low-voltage wiring to the vacuum pump & DC-DC converter had to have quick connects created, so there was stripping & crimping of wires to be done.

Another crew worked on securing the rear battery box in the trunk.

Placing the forward components.

Both groups were able to work simultaneously , yay!  Good thing we have such a friendly crew!

By the end of the day we had successfully situated the vacuum pump/switch & DC-DC converter, installed the rear battery box, and resolved to add a structural member underneath to secure it.  We also got a lead on a low-cost material to fashion a complete under-body cradle from-- this is optional, but will help protect our investment and also make the finished car more aerodynamic. 

Did I mention oh boy?!  More tomorrow!



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