Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mini-Workshop This Sat; E-Vanagon, Miata, & Electric Colt Updates

We are very busy on the BCR team making last-minute preparations for the 3/26 Mini-Workshop at the Green Jobs Academy, which totally SOLD OUT -- we will have to hold our next one on the Bucks campus itself most likely.  It has been so great working with the folks from the GJA that I have already signed on put on another mini-workshop with them in the fall, so look for another opportunity around the next equinox!  Dates to come soon.

The e-Vanagon is ready to roll out for demonstrations on Saturday.  And I hear she has heat!  Can't wait to see the improvements Saint Bill has put on her over the winter.  Bill and Adam will partner together to tow the e-Van to Bristol, and we're finishing up a new visual guide giving a detailed overview of the EV conversion process, so I know these four hours on Saturday are going to be chockfull of valuable information.  Bring your lunches, everybody, there is no food to be had onsite.

I've received a few emails asking if we've bought the Miata for conversion at the July workshop yet.   I have been meaning to post this update for a while: look, we got a little red convertible for Valentine's Day (well the day before)! It's a 1990 in terrific shape -- only problem a slipping clutch, which will be removed anyway as part of the ICE-to-EV transformation.

By the end of February enough snow had melted that we were also able to get the Electric Colt That Started It All down to Saint Bill's for some love. First, however, there was some surface cleaning to be done! When I blushingly confessed to Brandon that we actually own a car cover for the Colt (said item was being carefully stored in the basement while organic gunk & grunge was accumulating on the hood of the car it was supposed to be protecting) he was quite stern with me, and made me promise to take better care of the red hot little electric Miata we will be building this summer.

YESSIR I said, because I feel very bad about not having protected our poor Colt from the elements.  Good thing there is not a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Electric Cars for me to be reported to.  Now I am reformed!  And the great news is,  Saint Bill has been playing with the Colt and the motor does spin. He's gonna take it over to school and pile more batteries into it in order to investigate further.  Yippee, the Colt may ride again!

Why the white lines framing my photos in this post, Blogger?  Ah the perpetual mysteries of your interface ... they do keep the magic in our relationship.

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