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EV News Roundup Week of 3/7

Courtesy of the EEVC mailing list, compiled by news maven Dan Monroe, with ornamentation by me, Jenny Isaacs:

News Flashes - present & past

Le Temps Retrouvé (that is Proust, ladies and gentlemen):  I recently found this on my hard-drive while doing a little digital spring-cleaning:  

Bucks County Renewables appears in the Morning Call, 2/26/07 PDF

A nifty trip back in time, and check out what the price of gas was just four years ago!  Ha ha!  For the record once again, we at Bucks County Renewables are in favor of paying the true costs of what we utilize, if we have to use silly money at all. 

EV News

With Renegade, UPenn students create electric drag racing awesomeness  Hey Autobloggreen, you spelled renegade "renagade" twice in this article, plus in the headline and URL.  I guess we are just going to go back to the times when you could spell anything anyway you wanted to?  Maybe we were better off before we came up with the concept of the spelling mistake.   Anyway, cool project here and close to home!

Zero Motorcycles Introduces Removable Battery Model  Reuters notes this clever solution for the urban rider with no garage -- charge the battery inside.

Team Catavolt takes aim at land speed record with 200 mph hopes  More motorcycle news from Autobloggreen!  Electric motorcycles go really fast everybody!

Grrrr!   this is a good-looking car in Bucks County Renewables' opinion and I am sure some of you will agree with me!

Hybrid News

Saab Unveils the Sexy 47 MPG PhoeniX AWD Hybrid "aeromotional" hee hee!  Michael Graham Richard of Treehugger, why so gloomy?   Does not make me purr when I look at it like the Nissan Esflow, but à chacun son goût

Business & Forecasts

Nissan Leaf soon to be every third vehicle rolling off Oppama line [w/video]  Linda Swyderski of Four Magic Acres Farm in Coventry, PA separately supplied this link to a timely report on earthquake effects on Japanese automotive industry.  Linda made the groovy videos on the EV-ent website at last year's show in Macungie hey everybody don't forget to put April 30, 2011 on your calendar and come out and see all those great EV's plus meet some awesome people

Dow Kokam fast start program to train students for advanced lithium battery manufacturing jobs  Green technology creates jobs in Michigan -- 320 to start with and hundreds more to come! The Midland Battery Park manufacturing facility reported on here by is on track for completion in 2012.  The 400,000-square-foot facility will have a capacity of 600 million watt hours, or the equivalent to 30,000 fully electric vehicles with a 20 kWh battery system.  This is what I call ramping up production and training, let's do some of that right here in PA and wherever YOU live too!

Technology - Batteries & Charging

Michael Lefenfeld's Offbeat Power Play from The Bloomberg Report, on SIGNa corporation's sodium silicide chemistry for hydrogen-fuel cells

EV's Are Not the Only Solution to Our Transportation Needs
If there's one thing we should learn from the last century, it's that old-fashioned don't-put-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket moral.  We at Bucks County Renewables actually oversee an unruly flock of chickens so we know whereof we speak.  

Nutmobile Travels to Green Spaces Planter's goes eco with its biodiesel green display vehicle, which is very silly-looking but no doubt educational.  Eat organic peanuts, everyone.

On the Energy Economy & Politics

Cutting Fuel Taxes Will Exacerbate Oil Crisis A British take, from Treehugger.

Raising gas tax could diminish possibility of an oil-driven recession This piece from Autobloggreen focuses on the US, and also indicates there is movement afoot to cap gas prices at $5.  Interesting ...

Would You Pay a Voluntary Gas Tax?  Whoa, Treehugger informs us there's a group already organizing to do just that! 

In Wider-Ranging Alternative Energy News


Automobile Poverty - Part 1  Interesting data, comments worth reading as well from The Original Green, blog of the New Urban Guild in Miami.   New to me, looks like a quality source. 

Automobile Poverty - Part 2  An even more interesting take on the issue in a second post; the first examined the financial costs of owning a vehicle, this one looks at time costs, which in our culture seldom come under scrutiny, perhaps because so many people do not own their own time, but are forced to rent it out ...

The World's Oil Addiction is Colonel Gaddafi's Best Friend  Also from Treehugger's Michael Graham Richard, this is a great rabble-rousing essay and I am going to steal some of his points and try to be more fervent and radical myself in the future.  Be sure to read the caption on the photo.  Sorry I called you gloomy before, dude. 

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