Friday, March 18, 2011

EV News Roundup Week of 3/14, with an uneven smattering of commentary

EV Flashbacks, My Favorite Category

Ford Introduces Electric Car at Geneva Auto Show- In 1967  color scheme: lavender and white, i do plan to dress as the featured getting-out-of-car model for Halloween this year please remind me

Warren Buffett Mentioned on e-Vanagon, first time ever

Buffett's Bet on BYD May Backfire  Normally I do not feature downer articles here on this blog, but it turns out Warren Buffett, who is very famous, totally agreed with me all along about how cool Build Your Dream's hybrid plug-in name is.  This article inexplicably does not focus on our deep soul connection.
Yes Yes Yes

World premiere of "Revenge of the Electric Car" announced‏  Yay this is happening the same day as the EV Parade in Times Square, looks like Earth Day in NYC is gonna be really memorable folks, maybe after this EV's=normal, like the Macintosh became after 1984, I'm just sayin'
Tesla Motors Reveals More Details on Model S Pricing  We at Bucks County Renewables love Tesla's business plans in general so maybe this is a genius idea?

Get Your (Electric) Motor Hummin’ Anthemic call to arms from ecopolitology

Rising Gas Prices Don't Concern Electric Car Drivers because we are smug!  Warning: this LA Times is very mainstream and chants all the mantras

EV's are for Democrats & Republicans (thank you Doug Stansfield from whom I totally stole that line)


Cool in the 21st Century 

If the gull-wing Mercedes AMG SLS E Cell really comes in that color, I want one

because Germans are cool

Germans are even cooler than you imagined, but hey treehugger, "dearth" means scarcity, not overabundance

Also, it is an EV for gymnasts and insane people, and I quote: "steering with the spine-shaped joint is very different from holding a steering wheel or handle bar. You have to use your whole body to tilt and bend the vehicle."  I am going to admit that I would like to see all advertising for this item in the future featuring models of both genders with Much Less Protective Clothing

Because Japan is also totally cool and poised to rebuilt in an exciting, sustainable, 21st century style with hopefully not as much potential for nuclear devastation involved thank you very much ladies and gentlemen we at Bucks County Renewables are for clean energy and we do mean featuring largely nontoxic residue, we don't like radioactive goo and we hope you agree

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