Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green Jobs Academy Meeting & e-Van batt boxes

Last week Saint Bill and I had a very positive meeting with the acting director of the Green Jobs Academy, a brand-new consortium of Bucks County Community College and all the technical high schools in Bucks County.  The topic?  Adding EV conversion workshops to their roster of training programs.

Here is a shot of Bill in their brand-new facility in Bristol:  there's a practice set of model rooftops (for installation of solar panels) in the forefront, while the Gamesa structure in the rear is the very top of a wind turbine that will serve as an educational tool in their wind energy education programs.  Cool stuff, and though the building's only been open for a couple of weeks one PV training has already been completed.  Our workshop would not be housed there (we need an auto shop!) but through the auspices of the Green Jobs Academy we hope to attract more service technicians and auto technology instructors as well as current automotive technology students.  Even more importantly, with such a sponsor I can also begin the rigorous process of seeking NATEF certification for the workshop. 

It's all very exciting stuff!  Hope we can report more on developments in that department soon.

There's been so much activity I haven't even gotten around to posting shots of the e-Van's beautiful new interior -- the famous oak-and-Lexan front battery boxes above (thanks to the carpentry skills of Larry Dyer, who crafted them with such care) and the rear battery enclosures below, built by none other than Saint Bill, who -- much to his luckily very tolerant wife's surprise-- bought the table saw he's always wanted in order to make them. 

Okay, is the e-Van 2.0 not GORGEOUS?  I'm telling you, everybody who looked inside @ the Macungie EV-ent was wowed, so it's beautiful even if you didn't see the "before" version ...which all readers of this blog are privy to. 

Meanwhile, I am working on a much longer post covering the wonderful 21st Century Automotive Challenge event in State College PA, to which SB &  I headed out immediately following the GJA meeting -- what a blast that was!  Look for a rave review here shortly.

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