Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet the Students - Part II

John is an automotive technology instructor at North Montco Technical Career Center. He was busy during the last workshop in 2007 and was delighted to have a chance to participate this time around. John loves to learn from all different kinds of people and is always seeking opportunities to enhance his teaching and technical skills.

Nick is an ASE-certified master technician who admits his sister-in-law forced him to attend the workshop so he can convert her Kia. Nick says he's been a lifelong gearhead, "burning fuel and wasting energy" -- but now he is changing to a more energy-conscious lifestyle, including an organic garden and an effort to buy local foods.

Chris, from Wading River NY, is a fellow Vanagon owner who works for an internet hosting company. Having inherited a second Vanagon, he's looking into the possibility of converting one of his VW's to all-electric. This photo of Chris might have been the only time I didn't see him with a smile on his face during the entire workshop.

Vincent is a graphic designer who came up from Virginia with Rob and Rudy. Vincent says he "tries to learn something new every year." He has taken classes on electric wiring, solar hot water and photovoltaic installation, and radiant flooring. Now he's ready to learn something about electric vehicles.

David lives in Allentown PA and works for Lockheed Martin, where is he an electronic communications specialist. He saw the e-Van at the PA Energy Fest last year and is curious to learn whether he can use his knowledge from the aerospace industry to build a hybrid.

Paul teaches chemistry, physics and engineering at the High School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia. He says he's been a gearhead since he got his driver's licence, and is enamored of EV's because from an engineering perspective they are far more efficient vehicles. He dreams of an electric muscle car, though he also has a Chevy S-10 that he could convert.

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