Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EV Conversion Workshop Begins Next Week!

Wow! The EV Conversion Workshop 2009 is just around the corner! We have 12 participants registered and one last-minute enrollee flying up from Florida. It looks like a great group, and Bill and I are very much looking forward to meeting them all on Monday morning.

The E-Van is stripped -- controller, potbox, batteries and motor have been removed -- and we are ready for some serious upgrading. The traction battery wiring will be totally reconfigured for the new 144-volt system and we'll install new battery boxes. The small wiring for the gauges and dashboard will remain as it is, but we're putting in a new vacuum pump for the brakes and, if possible, a rooftop solar panel to trickle-charge the auxiliary battery. In 5 short days the e-Van will become the Bionic Van: better, stronger, faster!

More importantly, another group of educators and EV enthusiasts will gain hands-on experience with the conversion process before undertaking their own conversions. Thousands of ICE vehicles have been transformed into quiet, nonpolluting EV's by individuals in their home garages, and -- while of course we're looking forward to the roll-out of production EV's in the coming years -- conversion remains a low-cost and achievable route to a quiet, non-polluting, locally-fueled ride.

Wherever you are, if you're interested in EV's, hope you'll follow along with the experience.

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