Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flashback: E-Van at Villanova University April 25

A million thanks to Dottie Perry, who took these photos and mastered the technology necessary to upload and send them to me -- and to Ollie Perry, president of the Eastern Electric Vehicle Club, who invited the E-Van down to Villanova on a beautiful April afternoon to join a number of other EEVC-member vehicles on display. Ollie was presenting the afternoon workshop for the Southeastern PA professional organization of high school and college physics teachers -- what a terrific audience to hear about homemade, do-it-yourself electric car conversions!

Ollie spoke first to the assembled teachers about the physics of EV's, and shared with them a few simple experiments and activities that could be done in the classroom to convey some of the basic principles. I was supposed to give a slideshow about the 2007 workshop, but we ran out of time and it seemed like a better idea to move on outside to see the cars themselves.

Ken Barbour's sweet little Geo Metro conversion. Alan Arrison also brought up his truck, and Ollie the Olympian -- all of these vehicles had also traveled to State College, PA the previous weekend for the 21st Century Automotive Competition! Lots of tow miles on the EEVC's vehicles this spring!
Ed Kreibick, former EEVC president, and his son Jim show off Jim's senior project biodiesel conversion to physics teacher Tom Peterson. How did that ICE vehicle sneak into this EV show anyway ... ?

Here I am spieling next to the van ...

... which I never get tired of doing.

E-Van interior.

Whew. I am so glad Dottie took these photos so I could document this outing! Next post I'll fill out the report on the May 3 Macungie EV-ent -- the E-Van's last outing before she's disassembled in preparation for the fast-approaching workshop.

There is still room in the June 2009 EV Conversion Workshop! For details visit www.buckscountyrenewables.com

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