Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EVs in Macungie

Oh boy -- considering that it started raining as soon as the tents were all set up, and didn't stop until it was time to take them down -- Sunday was an amazing success. We had a dozen electric cars on display plus a funky little solar-powered electric golf cart. Most importantly, despite the discouraging weather, a surprising number of people came out to view them and ask questions of the owners! I was afraid we'd have more speakers than audience for the 2 p.m. panel, but the big tent was full and everyone seemed to enjoy the chance for some group give-and-take.

Everyone -- panelists and owners as well as attenders -- seemed to enjoy themselves and when we asked if we should do it again next year we got hearty affirmations all around. All the event organizers -- Don and Bob Young, Anna DiGate, Val Bertoia and I -- were really pleased at the end of the day and we're psyched for an even bigger and better EV-ent in 2010!

Thank goodness Anna took pictures. I was armed with my camera and a brand-new package of rechargeable batteries that I swear did not say anywhere on them "Charge before using." Here's just a handful, more to come in a second post.

State Representative Douglas Reichley (134th District), who was kind enough to join us for the morning, checks out the e-Vanagon's motor hatch.

Battery set-up in Don Young's 144-volt 1993 Honda Civic. As we heard on the owner panel, this car was designed for speed, rather than range. Don wanted his EV to go fast!

These two vehicles, a Fiat (foreground) and a Ford Escort station wagon, were brought by long-time EEVC member and former President Ed Kreibick and offered for sale! Ed's son Jim, who was also present for the display, converted a vehicle to biodiesel for his senior project. This is one young man whose involvement in alternative fuel vehicles has been lifelong -- Ed tells me they brought Jim home from the hospital after his birth in an EV!

Here I am waxing enthusiastic about something or other -- under one of the tents Bob Young bought for the event and that we couldn't stop thanking him for! In the background you can see the big RV that towed the E-Van up from Lansdale for the EV-ent. I'm so grateful to Stan from NMTCC for taking the time to hook up and bring the E-Van out, and to Bill Kirkpatrick for arranging the tow. Thanks, guys!

Moderating the owner panel under the big tent. Event co-organizer Val Bertoia is next to me in his funky sneakers! I'll properly introduce everyone who displayed and their vehicles in the next post. Till then, thanks for following along ...

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