Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Toyota RAV-4 EV Test Drive at last ... and Frenchtown Green Fair coming up!

Yay!  I had such a great time at the Mother Earth News Fair thanks to Three Rivers EVA ... met great people and I got to take a ride in the VEHICLE OF MY DREAMS, a production EV that is just like a regular (read: old) car on the inside, and not like driving a space ship.  (The space-shippy things under the hood in this shot are jokes: a flux capacitor [of course!] and a solar-powered flower.)   

Oh, it was so much fun.  More photos to come (I have to share the one I got to take of Ed Begley Jr and John Yecker after he checked out John's "blue" Ranger!) but not just yet.

We're very busy here at Bucks County Renewables preparing for the Green Fair on Saturday ... it is thrilling to be a part of National Plug In Day and back in the throes of preparing for an electric vehicle display!  I am not so thrilled about the part where the Miata is going to have to be ignominiously towed to the show, don't ask.  At least it's only 8 or so miles from my house!  Onward ... 

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