Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Stuff Vaguely Related to Electric Vehicles

If you want to know why we at Bucks County Renewables love this video so much, listen up for the part about how the road diet increases foot traffic in local stores while helping drivers mellow out.  Road diets make sense -- spread the word. 

Click on the pretty globe graphic the Autobloggreen elves chose to accompany a recent article on market distortion of  fuel prices.  Richard Canny (former CEO of the Think electric vehicle company) calls for "a thoughtful energy policy that's developed not according to the power of the lobby group, but guided by scientists and policy makers that can help markets reflect the true cost – both to consumers and to society – of the fuel choices we make."

Speaking of markets, here is a rap video which it is possible you like me will really dig.  It is about economics.

If you enjoyed that and are thinking to yourself, "My appetite for rap throwdowns having to do with economics has not yet been sated, I could go for seconds"  you are in luck because here is the sequel.  I also hope you will pass both of these videos on because they are so excellent.  You could while doing so mention that you saw them originally on an EV blog, which would automatically make the topic relevant to electric vehicles (more focused posts coming up I promise).

In the meantime, here's to cheap, efficient, long-lasting DIY tech as an alternative to the wasteful & bloated mass-production/consumer model -- clink clink cheers!  

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