Friday, May 20, 2011

EV News Roundup Returns!

As I drove my hybrid around today on these delicious Upper Bucks County windy hill roads where nobody needs to drive more than 30 miles an hour ever, I was thinking how when I was a kid I was really into going to space; I was 5 when I watched the Apollo 13 moonwalk and I pretty much assumed that the moon would be a regular tourism destination by the time I was grown up.  I assumed I would get to visit, stopping along the way at  the orbiting galaxy lounge.  I also thought, because I read Ranger Rick Magazine, that everybody on the planet would be recycling and using geothermal energy, and because my family boycotted grapes I labored for years under the misapprehension that abusive agricultural labor practices were a thing of the past.  On all these matters I was sadly confused, though I must say I like the internet, cellphones, craft beer, good coffee, delicious local food and the incremental improvements in gay marriage & medicinal marijuana so I am not complaining about this future that I live in exactly, just pointing out that it too could be improved with more space travel and less capitalism and war.  Back in the day my own grandparents were pointing out that the latter two constituted a waste of human resources and time so folks -- let's get with getting over that stuff already.

So, just reminding everybody that my fascination with EV's is sublimation for the tragic absence of actual spaceships in all our lives, and presenting Dan Monroe's EEVC news round-up now that he is back from watching the space shuttle launch -- which I hope I am going to get a report on that I can somehow work into this blog, obviously space shuttles = related to EV's, because I said so.  

EV History, My Favorite Topic

Riding the World's First Hybrid Car: 1900 Porsche Semper Vivus  Yes!  Treehugger's Brian Merchant revives an ancient technology, nice article and photos!  

Pure EV News

Moto Mundo Electric World Tour completes around-the-world trip with EV Without a support team, a production Qashqai Electric from Danish AfutureEV was driven from Copenhagen around the world, through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Holland.between June 25, 1010 and May 7, 2011.  Kudos to Danish husband and wife team Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin

An Electric Buggy Will Be the First EV to Take on the World's Toughest Race  EV buggy heads off to the Dakar Rally, a rugged 9,000k off-road trek thru Chile, Argentina & Peru.  If you were looking for a road race with a geographically confusing name you are reading the right blog tonight!

Peugot's 100% Electric Concept EX1 Has Broken Six World Records   Current world's fastest EV, also very sexy looking, yum! 

Batteries & Charging Stations

Toyota Explores Wireless Car Charging  Again with the connected thing, apparently EV's are coming along at just the right time to synergize with other technologies, wireless everything-charging for me and Nikola Tesla!  ¡Viva la rEVoluciĆ³n!

Hybrid News

Future Tech of All Sorts, My Second Favorite Topic

Ultracapacitors to Boost the Range of Electric Cars MIT Technology Review reports on CA start up Nanotune's electrolyte advancements for high-energy storage.  

New Way to Control Conductivity: Reversible Control of Electrical and Thermal Properties Could Find Uses in Storage Systems  Science Daily reports on materials science advancements from MIT that could play fuse or thermal collector role.

Laser Sparks Revolution in Internal Combustion Engines Kind of like a double-flame cigar lighter, this technology has nothing whatsoever to do with EV's but  hello in my actual present future apparently a "yttrium-aluminum-gallium" laser exists so this obviously must be celebrated, thank you Science Daily.   

Splitting Water for Renewable Energy Simpler Than First Thought? Manganese-Based Catalyst Shows Promise Only including this hydrogen thing because Science Daily is a respectable source and "Birnessite"-- the name of the known and harmless mineral formation that is the catalyst in this research -- is such a pretty name.  

New horizontal turbine can capture wind from all directions reports on an Australian company called Katru Eco-Energy on more renewable tech.  

Present Day Stuff Plus Predictions

Orlando gas station charges $5.69 a gallon  We at Bucks County Renewables are for high gas prices, as everybody knows.

Five business models to boost electric cars CNet's Green Tech columnist Martin LaMonica points out how easily smart EV operation could integrate into our present circumstances, where everybody already understands all about connection and recharging.  

Video: Volt, Leaf impress in crash tests‏  This is shameless crash porn typical of what I'd expect of a mainstream outlet like CNN.  Ok I guess we can open up the EV market to the people who watch stuff like this, yippee.  

Americans Are Working To Feed Their Cars, Not Their Families  Lloyd Alter summarizes fellow Toronto blogger James Schwartz's statistical breakdown of the true costs of owning an ICE vehicle

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