Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bucks County Renewables in the News

Hurray -- this year I was asked for an Earth Day article about electric vehicles by the Bucks County Herald, my wonderful local newspaper.  I got to plug Revenge of the Electric Car, our July hands-on workshop AND the EV-ent in Macungie all at the same time!  It appeared last Wednesday -- click on the image below to link directly to the page where it appeared.

With apologies for the unexpected hiatus in EV News Roundup last week -- the lapse came on my end and not on hard working Dan Monroe's part!

Among other things we have been busily getting ready for the EV-ent in Macungie THIS SATURDAY.  Anna, Don, Bob, Val and I met yesterday to review last-minute details.  My heart is in my throat because the e-Van controller has just left Iowa (where it was being rebuilt and upgraded) and so once again Bill is going to have to scramble to get the vehicle put together right before a show.   Somehow we always wind up with a frantic race at the last minute despite all our plans and deadlines.

Looking forward to sharing the happy ending to this story and to reporting on the EV-ent -- not sure if I'll have time for an EV News Roundup this week or not, but I'll try!

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