Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly EV News Round-up and More!

A few links I collected this week overlapped with the usual fine collection from Dan:

Folks should know that Alexandra Paul was inspired to make this set of videos by none other than our own Doug Stansfield, President of the NJEAA -- it's true, he badgered her with phone calls and is credited in the last line of the "making of" video!

Coverage of the local ev-ent supported by members of the EEVC.

In case anybody reading this blog doesn't know it, I am dying to get a chance to drive a Nissan Leaf.  

From Close the Loop, LLC:  Their most recent newsletter.  This is a reliably excellent and comprehensive resource for the reduce, reuse, recycle fans among us.  The woman who puts it out once nicely lent me her paper cutter while I was struggling to produce Bucks County Renewables magnets for distribution at Energy Fest, so obviously she is one of the good people of the universe.  Despite my obsession with the prospect of  owning a production EV (with heat! and working range gauges, please!) one of my favorite aspects of EV conversion is that it involves repurposing a conventional automobile instead of consuming the raw resources needed to make one new.  In particular I appreciate the folks who keep alive such beautiful, classic vehicles as Brandon Hollinger's Saab 96 or, well, the weirdly-beloved-by-some-fetishists and classic-if-that-implies-squarishly-massive Volkswagen Vanagon .  But you knew that already.

From NJEAA list member Peter Crisitello:   (Peter notes: "If they don’t list your EV just click on Electric and it goes to other and you key in your own stats.")

Strictly speaking the piece I have opted to put at the top of this week's round-up from Dan is sheer car porn.  If like me you just can't get enough of that stuff be sure to check out  A Battery Beats at the Heart of These Muscle Cars from back in October before you get back to more respectable news consumption.  Let's face it, while I carry a flag for the squarish massiveness of the Volkswagen Vanagon I also dig me my sexy sports cars.  I will take issue with the remark in the above review that the car company Lotus is mainly known for the Esprit featured in Pretty Woman.   Excuse me, not among the folks I like to hang around with.

On to the news!

And in wider-ranging alternative energy news:

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