Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seriously, Breaking EV Local News - Volts (yes, plural) in NJ!

Tom Moloughney, a regular on the NJEAA list and one of the lucky few to extend his mini-E lease to two years, reports that he will have four Chevy Volts at his Montclair, NJ restaurant on Saturday, Nov 13.  The owners are New York members of the Chevrolet Advisory Board who have just received their Volts from GM a few months ahead of showroom release for evaluation and early feedback purposes. 

Tom writes, "It's the first time ever that Chevy Volts will be on display without GM engineers or reps there. The CAB members will answer questions about the cars and probably let people sit in them and maybe even take some people for a spin, but they are still discussing that. So for anyone interested, it's this Saturday from 11am to 2pm. Please park on the street so the parking lot doesn't fill up and we don't have room to walk around and take pictures of the cars. My MINI-E will be there as well as a Tesla owned by NJEAA member Michael T."

Details for "anyone interested"  at 

Interested?  Good grief!  I'm tragically freaking depressed that I have to be at my daughter's choir concert at 2 and am scheduled to drive a further 120 hybrid miles after the concert is over, which I am afraid rules out an additional 60-mile jaunt to Montclair, though I can't say I'm not tempted.  After all, I can always fall back on my rationale that the only way to wean the US off this crazy addiction to fossil fuels is to contribute to using them all up.  (I trot this justification out when sneaking up the thermostat a few degrees or having one of those drove-150 miles-and-ended-up-back-where-I-started days.)

Okay, I'm over my tragic depression, having left the possibility of attending ever-so-slightly open, and am just pleased with myself that I managed to post the above announcement as soon as I received it, so as to maximize the number of people who might find this, as I do, just the tiniest bit thrilling.   Oh boy!  Volts, plural!  (She bounces up and down with excitement.)  This announcement is worth sending to the entire BCR mailing list and encouraging people to pass on.  Folks, it's really happening -- The Return of the Electric Car!

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