Sunday, September 6, 2009

Imagine if all our electricity came from the sun ...

then our EV's would be truly fossil-fuel free.

And what would the world look like if all global electricity came from distributed solar PV arrays?

Here's one take on it:

(click on the image for a beautifully readable enlargement)

from this amazing site

where you can see a similar graphic for world energy needs met by offshore windpower alone.

If you read far enough down you will learn that the author favors "maximizing of diversity of clean energy technologies and of points of generation." Cogently put! I am stealing that for my own rap, with credit to Rob Ferry. Keep reading down on the landartgenerator site and you will encounter some truly visionary stuff -- what Ferry calls "pragmatic architecture" -- works of beauty and grace that also generate clean energy.

Not about EV's, but not to be missed!

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