Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally: Leadership from the White House on this EV Thing


The below is by Gina Coplon-Newfield, the Sierra Club's Senior Campaign Representative for Electric Vehicles.  I've never met Gina but I know from her regular blogposts that she is a tireless activist & networker who writes about her own personal experiences with driving EV's as well as national news, and I'm basically so tickled by receiving this particular one that I had to share a chunk of it here just for the record  ... click on the continue button below to keep reading Gina's fine piece at the Sierra Club's website!

President Obama's Drive Toward Electric

White House and Electric Vehicles

As gas prices rise again, and we Americans send more than $1 billion overseas for oil each and every day, mostly to fuel our cars and trucks, many people see no way out. But those of us who have driven electric vehicles know that oil-free driving is possible. That's why we took note yesterday when President Obama proposed bold new programs that would dramatically boost the market for electric vehicles and our ability to break Big Oil’s stranglehold on our way of life.

In a speech at the Daimler Trucks North America Mt. Holly manufacturing plant in North Carolina, President Obama said he plans to launch an "EV Everywhere" challenge to make EVs "as affordable and convenient as gasoline-powered vehicles for the average American family within a decade."

Designed by the Department of Energy as part of its Clean Energy Grand Challenges, this $650 million grant program would allow American scientists, engineers, and businesses to conduct the research and development that will lower the cost of EV batteries, improve EV driving distance range, and enhance EV fast-charging. These advances would be a total game changer and would allow EVs to surge into the mainstream.

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