Sunday, February 26, 2012

Infrastructure - shminsfrastructure!

Guest post from Linda Swyderski, who shot the great & late lamented video of the 2010 Macungie EV-ent ... sniffle ... and has made up for the fact that it's missing in action still with this awesome little guide to zeroing in on plug-in opportunities through plugshare:

Browse to and create an account

 What looks to be informational keys at the bottom left are actually buttons, so the “Home Chargers” and “Public Charging Stations” are buttons that you can click on.
When you hover over them, your cursor changes to show they are selectable. This maps works as a standard Google map.

So, if I ZOOM into southeastern Pennsylvania, let’s assume for a second that every Nissan dealer has a Level 2 charger by now, but look at all the residences!

Okay, yeah, a lot of them are 120V, but there are some Level 2’s out there.
Let’s ZOOM in a little closer. Now, do you see us?

No? Well, here we are!
How cool is that!?!?

Thanks Linda -- and thanks to Matt for this great Leaf review:

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Dan M. said...

I love looking at that map. It looks very full outside of the mountain areas! ^_^ There are a lot on Recargo as well (, although it's not as useful. That's the site everyone used before PlugShare opened up their map to people who don't have apple products. You can find my place in Sewell on both. ^_~

All Nissan dealers in states that sell the LEAF have charging stations on the lot. As Ken has found out though having charging available and actually being able to use it are two different things. At Cherry Hill Nissan the employees have parked gas cars in the spaces every time he's stopped there. At the Woodbury dealership they actually have a lock on the charging station so you can't use it! Ken has spent more time leaving irate messages to the dealerships than he's spent charging there. >_<

The spots he checked out at the Medford medical center and the Convention Center parking garage in PA were perfectly fine though. ^_^