Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EV News Roundup Week of 2/14, with some commentary

Pure EV Stuff

I really liked the picture. 

Although for suburban drivers charging an EV is as simple as plugging in overnight, in urban areas, a new infrastructure will be needed -- parking facilities with overnight charging.

To some market studies, all you can say is: duh.  

Market News, Rumors & Predictions

This teeny-tiny production EV is gonna roll out to Smart dealers all over the US in 2011 -- maybe there's one near you! 

Warning: no actual pictures.  :-(

Wider-ranging energy news (though hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas is an issue close to home here in Pennsylvania, and duh, we here at Bucks County Renewables are Against Fracking!):

You will note that this piece ends with the usual doomsaying remark about the costs of renewable energy.  What is with these people and their total lack of understanding of the externalized costs of fossil fuel extraction?  Hello, economic literacy department? 

Remember, EV's are Not the Only Way to Revolutionize Transportation & Our Cities
The proposed limit is 18 mph.  They're letting the citizens decide, ohmygosh how amazingly democratic of them. 

This is really very cool though the article spends an unnecessary amount of time comparing the thing to a Segway, which is just silly.  Get a closer look at the amazing sexiness of the eROCKIT on the original German website (Babelfish translations of German are also sure to entertain).   I certainly do hope this little item rolls onto US roads soon oh my goodness. 

The Big Picture, Cats and Kittens

A nice piece about supporting the EPA against the onslaught of corporate lobbyists determined to buy the right to waste our natural resources for short-term gain.  

An awesome visual picture of not just Chinese but global energy resources in both fossil and renewable form.  There is a lot of interesting info on this chart for browsing.  Skip the silly public opinion survey results in the upper left however.  A sample of 1,024?  Hello, statistical literacy department? 

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