Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Photos of E-Van Painting -- and the Latest News

These action shots just in from the very helpful Suzanne!  I wanted to include the wonderful poster for the event, designed by a graphic arts student from NMTCC, as well.

I promised to post an account of my travels to EV groups in January -- about 250 hybrid miles logged on behalf of Bucks County Renewables this month!  On the second Wednesday I dropped in on the Eastern Electric Vehicle Club down in Plymouth Meeting PA.   Wish I'd thought to bring my camera with me so I could share a shot of the full house -- there were at least 30 people there and every seat in the room was filled!  I had to sit on the floor!

Hopped up to briefly announce the spring 2010 EV Conversion Workshop and the May 1 EV-ent in Macungie, but I am thinking I may go back to give a more in-depth presentation soon.  January's meeting featured a discussion of battery chemistry and an overview of recent EV developments, as well as a video on the hoped-for upturn in manufacturing in this country that is being stimulated by demand for and increased development of EV's.  We also celebrated EEVC's 2009 Member of the Year, Michael Manning with a surprise cake! 

Michael Manning behind the wheel of the Olympian in June, 2009. 

Michael's hands-on experience with EV's dates back to his high school days, and he has a longstanding professional involvement with electric vehicle design and production as well as battery development and research.   He's participated in several of Bucks County Renewables' owner panels this year and let me tell you, his depth of technical knowledge would be terrifying if it weren't for his sweet and unassuming air!  Thank you, Michael, for your willingness to share your expertise!
Speaking of awards, EEVC president Oliver Perry will be presented with the EAA Lifetime Achievement Award at the national group's Annual Members Meeting on Saturday, February 20 in Palo Alto, CA.  Ollie s being recognized for his many years of service to the EEVC, EAA and the world of electric vehicles in general.  Congratulations, Ollie!

The week after the EEVC meeting I was off to Morristown NJ for the monthly gathering of the New Jersey Electric Auto Association's Central NJ chapter.  This club is just a year old (a mere toddler compared to the EEVC which celebrates its 30th birthday this year -- yikes!) but is already doing some exciting things.  Founder and president Doug Stansfield has started Transatlantic Electric Conversions -- the only EV Conversion Shop and Parts Supplier round these parts -- in partnership with Phil Galati, , and he opened the meeting with a short overview of available Prius plug-in conversions.  Then it was my turn to give a presentation.  The shot above made me laugh -- Doug caught me waving my hands in the air just like Mike Parker, on-screen behind me!  Mike was the teacher from CA who came East to teach our very first EV Conversion Workshop in 2007.

After the slideshow and some questions and answers we all trooped outside to see Doug and Phil's very snazzy conversions (a Hyundai Tiburon and Ford Ranger).  Here's a snapshot of them on display together earlier this year.  I'm delighted to inform you that both vehicles will be available for up-close inspection at the May 1 2010 EV-ent in Macungie PA.  Hurray!  Wait till you see Phil's flux capacitor, it made me laugh and laugh!

The calls and email inquiries are starting to come in for the March-April workshop.  I'm about to post an announcement to environmental mailing lists and calendars so I'm expecting still more next week -- along with (I hope!) the first enrollments.

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