Monday, September 24, 2007

YEAH! (And Whew!)

Received a succinct and satisfying email from Bob Batson of Electric Vehicles of America today:

Jenny -
ADC has stated that the motor will be covered by warranty. They will repair and return.
Thank you for your patience.
Bob @ EVA

And there was much rejoicing by Bill and Matt -- but most especially by me, since I was the one at the wheel when the motor died. I'm glad my driving wasn't implicated!

We had a wonderful time at the Energy Fest this past weekend, despite not having the e-van to display. I'll be posting a complete update tomorrow so be sure to check in again. It was great to see Lynn and Peter there -- thanks for coming out!

As soon as the e-van is up and running again we'll be available to visit schools, festivals and environmental events, preferably within 25 miles of our home base in Ottsville, PA. Please do contact me at if you would like to have an electric car visit your school or event!

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