Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 6 - Lots of Progress

It was such a busy and productive day today! Peter and Lynn were back on crimping cable-to-lug crew, so I got to document that process.

First dab on anti-corrosive compound.

Then slide the lug onto the cable end.




Repeat ...

until crimper shears a pin.

We could not replace the crimper right away, but we were able to order new bolts from the auto parts supplier who had provided it originally. They soon brought them by, along with some JB weld Dan needed for the instrument panel -- this instant delivery of parts one needs is very gratifying! Larry had the crimper back in service in short order, and the dashboard panel is done except for the "fuel" gauge, which is still en route from EVAmerica.

Meanwhile, Larry and Barry had married the motor to the transaxle.

Afshin and Bill were in the shop making boxes -- later joined by Peter, who has really loved learning to weld as a part of this class.

It's the beginnings of a box!

Testing box measurements under the seat.

Dan, Lynn & Peter prime the boxes.

Meanwhile Mike was measuring benderboard for battery insulation.

Moving the motor/transmission assembly was a team effort.

On the left Afshin, Kevin and Paul are working on locating EV components, while on the right Larry is working on mounting the motor/transaxle assembly. It is great that there's enough room in the van for two teams to work simultaneously!

The vacuum pump and two contactors have been installed ...

along with the shunt to the left of the vacuum switch that went in yesterday. Afshin and Paul also came up with a mounting system for the controller, but they want to check with Bob Batson of EVAmerica before committing to their design.

Barry is at the drill press working on a motor mount he and Larry fabricated.

Dan and Bill are designing racks to hold the batteries securely in their boxes.

Bill is cutting steel for the racks that he and Dan are welding.

By the end of the day the motor/transaxle was mounted!

We said goodbye to Barry until Friday, and wished him well -- he is out for eye surgery.

I think that was it! Oh yes, I also picked up new tires for the Vanagon from the Bus Depot. They are reinforced 8-ply tires designed to take the weight of a fully-equipped camper van -- or one toting the equivalent weight in batteries. Because of the special weight needs of the Vanagon we can't use the "low-rolling resistance" tires that are often put on electric vehicle conversions, but these Hankook tires are narrow, which helps decrease resistance, and Dan tells me they can be kept inflated a bit beyond their recommended PSI, which will help create the desired effect of less friction (equals more range!).

And that was Monday in the EV Conversion Workshop 2007. Thanks for following along!

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